Peripheries & Crossovers: art as social practice

Over the past 17 years, Delhi based KHOJ-International Artists Association has been actively involved in curating art in public spaces. In particular, it has supported several art-based community projects and social interventions in its local neighbourhood of Khirkee. Over time, what began as sporadic interventions developed into more sustained and meaningful engagements with the local community. 

It is a host of such projects that have made a small but palpable difference to Khoj’s unique community and have led KHOJ to deepen their enquiry into art practices that are ‘socially engaged’. Peripheries & Crossovers: Art as Social Practice is a three-year, multi-city project in peri-urban spaces across India, that seeks to find artistic strategies, whereby artists can embed creative practices and artistic processes in civil society organisations to effect change at the intersection of gendered violence and urbanism.

Sumedha Garg
Nitin Bathla
Seven Sister Collective
Saleha Sapra
Princess Pea
Sumona Chakravarty
Nilanjan Das

Special thanks to Alina Tiphagne and the whole KHOJ-Team

The featured Projects are supported through a ‘Peripheries and Crossovers grant’ by KHOJ International Artists Association.

Concept and Curation: Thomas Schlottmann
Technical Artist: Tom Geibel-Lane

With friendly support of the Ministry of Culture and Media
and the Hamburg India Week 2021